Independent label directed to house music and its slopes, aims to search in the most remote corner of the globe, the artist spectacular and unknown and present to the universe. It consecrates the current ones and reinvents the experience in listening to music. Created in 2015 by the Brazilian producer Deep Factory, the label today has renowned artists such as Lavi, Felipe Accioly, Patricia Edwards, Aura Tribe, Azalee and others. Acting in a differentiated way in the market, we are in more than 70 digital platforms around the world, we accept and listen to all the demos sent and we return them. There is room for the Sun for everyone who wants to sunbathe. If it does not fit the standards of our label, we give you the feedback you need to be redirected. Listen to our releases on the main platforms (see Link tab) or if you prefer, contact us by filling out the form and submitting your work.
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